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Auctions Bids & Offers

Auctions Bids & Offers

Welcome to Daily-Classifieds Auctions Bids & Offers service section, we are a servicen you can use it to selling you products or service when it comes to if you want to sale as Auctions.

How Can I use the (Auctions Bids & Offers)

Before you can participate our autions service, your must to register as a seller account with us or if you don't have account yet then create one by click the option signup and account type option select the (Seller Account) and once you're completed signup the Auctions Bids & Offers is available in your account

How is Works (Auctions Bids & Offers Service)

Everyone want to win an auction, but only at the right price. Bidding for items is fun, but keep in mind that each bid you make is a binding contract to buy the item if you win.

The information here is for our auction style listings. Bidding for items in live auction event works a little differently, and requires registration for an event before you can bids

When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item. The seller and other bidders don't know your maximum bid.

We place bids on your behalf using the automatic bids increment amount, which is based on the current high bid. We increase your bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the high bidder, or to meet the reserve price, up to your maximum amount.

If another bidder places the same maximum bid or higher, we notify you so you can place another bid. Your maximum bid is kept confidential until it is exceeded by another bidder.

With Live Auctions Events,

you have access to unique and premium antiques, art, and collectibles offered by auction houses in a live auction experience. Experienced auctioneers oversee the sale of each item, and you bid in actual time against other online bidders and bidders who are at the auction house in person.

With live auctions, items are curated and sold in events. An event is an offering of a collection of items by an auction house. Items in the collection are called lots.

Live auction events differ from auction style listings on Daily-Classifieds in several ways:

Live auctions have a designated starting time but no fixed end time. The end time of any particular item is determined by the item's order in the event and the pace of the auction.

Your bids must be in increments that are determined by the auction house holding the event.

The winning bidder pays a fee, called a buyer's premium, to the auction house. The amount appears on the item detail page and the bidding console

An event is held in a room with in-person bidders, in addition to bidders participating through Daily-Classifieds, and can last several hours.

Auctions for individual items, or lots, during a live auction event are fast-paced, and most last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. You won't see a countdown as you do with other auction-style listings on Daily-Classifieds

You can search for, browse and watch live auction items using your mobile device, but you can't register for an event or bid on live auction items from your smartphone.
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