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Booking How’s Works

How is working our Booking System?

Our booking system works with no a commission, and to add booking of rooms or hotels, we have several package plan, And you can start with our free package plan and after the period of the free package then renew with purchase package, 

Payment of the guests

To keep things simple, your guest they would pay you when they arrive in your hotel or in full at the end or before of their stay possible it depend you how you managing the service of your hotel or rooms and you also can discuss any further thing what ever you want to share with the client

When you work with us, you’ll only have to purchase the package plan and add the booking and keep your ads a live.

Can I cancel a reservation?

When a guest makes a booking, their reservation is confirmed immediately. Depending on your policies, a guest might be able to cancel their reservation. And also you have to contact the guest and reach the agreement with him or her, and also let us know

If a guest contacts you in order to cancel their booking, You can decide what you do about it and for example when you cancel it let us know so that we also to cancel the reservation on our system. And you can also take your decision to cancel the reservation but please we advice you let know before.

Can I contact with the guest?

Yes of course, your can contact with them at any time you want, Because when you the reservation and includ it's alsoattach with the guests contact information as well

if you any question which is regarding our booking system just contact us and we also exist you a further information as well
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