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Refund Policy


Terms and Conditions of Paid Ads Refunds

1. Upon the purchase of a Featured Ads plan, (Daily-Classifieds) will issue a confirmation order and invoice number which will be sent to you in a confirmation e-mail.

2. It is our responsibility to publish your Ads as soon as possible. If for any reason, technical or other, your ad does not appear in the Featured Ads section within 24 hours of you submitting your Ads, please contact us with providing your Ads ID or reference. Please be aware, any advertisement which is not legal or does not comply with our terms of use will be deleted without a refund.

3. You are not permitted to post similar or duplicate ads
> 3.1. Multiple Ads for the same item or service in the same category, etc.
> 3.2. 
Any Ads posted which fail to respect
> 3.3. (Daily-Classifieds) posting rules will be deleted without a refund.

4. Ensure that you select the correct location for your Featured Ads. Once the Feature Plan is purchased and the ad is featured, you will only be able to modify the postal area field through our paid for Roaming Location feature.

5. Your Ads will be featured for the period of time you select when purchasing the plan. If the Ads is deleted or deactivated before this period expires, it will not be possible to reactivate the remainder of the plan. No refund can be requested in proportion to the unused remaining period.

6. Ensure that you select the correct category for your Featured Ads. If you post a Featured Ads in an incorrect category the ad will be deleted without refund.

7. Posted Ads of escorting or escort, erotic massages will be deleted without refund.

8. Ads that are deemed to be offensive, pornographic, spam, fraud or that do not meet our editorial rules will not be published under any circumstances and will be removed without a refund.

9. (Daily-Classifieds) reserves the right to modify or delete the content of any ad that does not meet our editorial rules without a refund.

10. If your financial institution rejects or reverses a payment due to lost or stolen credit card,
(Daily-Classifieds) reserves the right to cancel your advertising and block your account and
even possible it can lead you for we to band you, and you cannot use our service again
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