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Seller Fees and Features

Welcome to Our Seller Fees and Features Section

Pricing updates are now in effect, To improve the visibility of sought-after merchandise-and help sellers increase their sales - Daily-Classifieds has updated fees. These updates will help sellers choose the most effective listing formats and duration. Review your listing strategy and apply these best practices for greater selling success and to help save on fees.

Daily-Classifieds gets a cut when your auction sells. After your auction or fixed-price listing ends, Daily-Classifieds charges the final value fee to your account in a matter of minutes. Our final value fees is, We charged you a 9% percentage on total amount of your sale either items or product. And the fees apply or based on the total amout the buyer pay for the items, And the charge not on the shipping fees and we are not going to touch with the shipping fees.

How to Get Paid

There are different ways to get paid on Daily-Classifieds and we have PayPal and 2Checout

PayPal and 2Checout is a secure online payment system that protects both buyers and sellers during sales, from start to finish. It’s also an easy way for sellers to accept credit cards without opening a merchant account with each individual bank or creditor.

A fee is charged for each payment completed through PayPal and 2Checout. However, there are no setup fees, monthly fees, or minimum charge requirements.

Accepting Credit Cards

Almost all sales transactions are paid with plastic these days. Some professional sellers may choose to get their own merchant account directly through a credit card company, but the majority of sellers use PayPal and 2Checout to accept credit cards. PayPal and 2Checout offers competitive rates on your transactions and it’s free to sign up.
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